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Empowerment is an oft misquoted term. In effect, it literally means ‘to wrestle power back’ requiring effort and focus as well as relinquishment of control and power.  It is about enabling people through information exchange, skills sharing and listening. True empowerment is about both give and take and can at times seems destabilising - the oft quoted ‘messy middle’ of organisational development work. This is also a time when many organisations may feel that it requires time that they just haven’t got! It can and will seem that leaders have lost control - but this is the very power of an empowerment approach - in that it is about a redefining of roles and responsibilities and a new clarity of purpose. It is about bringing together both hearts and minds - not leaving our minds and therefore our thinking behind!...

Change is a process preparing people to engage and make transitions.

Improvement takes place step by step and the 3 facets of Engage, Encourage and Empower are intertwined - like the interlocking of a Russian Wedding Ring.


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